Terms & Conditions

1. Users must register accurately on Trade Mart BD to access specific services.

2. Trade Mart BD offers listing services, and users are responsible for the accuracy of their business information.

3. Users can display products and services on Trade Mart BD, ensuring the legality and accuracy of content.

4. Trade Mart BD facilitates lead generation and communication between businesses, with users responsible for prompt responses.

5. Premium services may require payment or subscription, and details will be clearly communicated to users.

6. Users retain intellectual property rights, with Trade Mart BD having the right to display and promote user-generated content.

7. Users agree to keep confidential information received through the platform.

8. Adherence to ethical business practices is required on Trade Mart BD, and fraudulent activities are strictly prohibited.

9. Trade Mart BD reserves the right to terminate services for users violating terms, and users can terminate accounts with notice, subject to applicable fees.

10. Trade Mart BD employs security measures for data protection, and users are encouraged to use secure practices.

11. Modification of terms is possible, with users being notified of changes, and continued use implies acceptance of updated terms.

12. Disputes will be resolved through negotiation, mediation, or legal proceedings.

13. Users accessing third-party services through Trade Mart BD are subject to the terms of those services.

14. Users are encouraged to provide genuine feedback and reviews, with inappropriate or fake reviews subject to removal.

15. Users and Trade Mart BD align with the mission of fostering business growth through digital solutions, aiming for mutual success and innovation.